Investment approach

Our investment edge is in our approach combined with our talent

We strive to embody competitive alternative and traditional asset management strategies.

How do we do this?

  • A diverse investment team focused on alpha generation
  • A robust investment process
  • Collaborative client engagement

We are committed to offering our clients a different perspective on fixed income. Macroeconomic and policy inputs complement our credit research, nuancing the way we construct portfolios. We have a deeply resourced team of investment specialists and a forensic approach to proprietary research.

Regular meetings with global policy makers in developed and emerging markets.

Regular meetings with company management teams and regulators.

ESG is fully integrated into research, decision-making and portfolio construction.

We work with clients to identify emerging investment potential. Where we see stand-out opportunities, we launch specialist strategies designed to harness alpha.

Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that financial markets are inefficient and can be exploited through active management fuelled by high-quality proprietary research.

We work with clients to identify new areas of investment potential. Launching niche strategies and building bespoke solutions allows us to capitalise on what we believe to be the most compelling market and asset-class developments while seeking to capitalise on dispersion.

7 factors define our investment approach

Structure: One investment team, built around a single investment process.
Style mix: We focus on long/short investing with an underlying capital preservation mindset.
Heritage: Established track-record in managing long-only and alternative strategies.
Performance culture: Investment process structured to deliver solutions for clients; our analysts’ compensation programme is designed to incentivise this.
Portfolio: Risk management is central to our approach and essential to delivering successful outcomes.
ESG: Fully integrated industry-leading processes.
Technology: Proprietary technology supports our high-touch investment process.

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