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Our focus is alpha, our approach is solutions-driven

Our investment philosophy is focused on delivering alpha over the credit cycle with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Our commitment to discovering alpha has led us to place ESG factors at the heart of our investment process and lead the industry in discovering how these principles can be optimised for fixed income markets.

We partner with our clients to combine their needs with our knowledge to create investment strategies and solutions that work. By listening to what our clients are saying and layering this with our broad market scope, deep investment knowledge and dynamic growth mindset, we deliver sophisticated solutions that standout.

We have an established track record of innovation and performance, spanning long-only and alternative investment portfolios across six fixed income sub-asset classes.

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“In bull markets, asset managers can struggle to define themselves, but when volatility hits and investors face notable downside, that’s when BlueBay really stands out. We have consistently proven ourselves to be a firm that embodies active management, continuously searching out and harnessing alpha-generating opportunities for our clients.”

Erich Gerth

Chief Executive Officer

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Peaks and troughs

David Riley discusses his big picture macro and market views for 2023, including the scepticisms, cross-asset implications and expectations.

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David Riley
November 24, 2022

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