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Hangover after the low interest rate party

We discuss how market dislocation and stress are creating a strong pipeline of investment opportunities in the European mid-market.

Adam Phillips 80 x 80.jpg
Adam Phillips
May 23, 2024

Unlocking markets: ever-changing dynamics in emerging markets

In this ‘Unlocking markets’ episode, we discuss the ever-evolving emerging markets asset class and identify some of the opportunities that exist.

P Kurdyavko 80 x 80.jpg
Polina Kurdyavko
May 21, 2024

China: false start or turning point?

In our ‘Notes from the Road’, we discuss how sentiment is improving in China, with some high return companies looking attractive over the longer term.

Richard Farrell 80 x 80.jpg
Richard Farrell
May 20, 2024

Should politics matter for European investors?

As geopolitical volatility increases and the possibility of deglobalisation grows, high quality European companies may prove a wise place to be.

Freddie Fuller 80 x 80.jpg
Freddie Fuller
May 17, 2024

Drown and out

Political developments dominated newsflow this week, with a drenched and drowned out Prime Minister Sunak announcing a General Election for 4th July.

Mark Dowding 80 x 80.jpg
Mark Dowding
May 24, 2024

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