The Credit Alpha Long Short Fund Limited

Key documents


    A hedge fund investing in fixed income and related securities to exploit dispersion, asymmetry and volatility in financial, corporate and sovereign credit and interest rates.


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    Investment approach

    • The BlueBay Credit Alpha Long Short Fund aims to generate positive risk-adjusted returns by seeking to exploit dispersion, asymmetry and volatility in the market
    • The investment universe includes cash and derivative instruments, corporate, sovereign and rate markets primarily in the investment grade space

    Investment philosophy

    Our rigorous, proprietary research of issuers and individual securities seeks inefficiencies in the market to identify where we believe the market has mispriced risk/return, indicating potential for asymmetric return profiles. By accessing our full toolkit of instruments, we have the ability to implement a range of long and short positions
    The Fund offers diversified and uncorrelated exposure in an environment of divergence in global rates and growth