Innovation in asset management

Our business is built on a culture of innovation and collaboration. Since inception, we have continuously sought to develop progressive solutions for our clients.

We were founded in 2001 on two key themes:

  • To take advantage of the new European corporate debt market created by the launch of the euro.
  • In anticipation of the expansion of emerging market fixed income as an institutional asset class.

Beginning as entrepreneurs, we have continued to innovate by creating new products, solutions and applying different techniques to a range of fixed income sub-asset classes on a global basis.

People are the key to our success as an asset manager. We have always focused on attracting and retaining talented individuals. These specialists work in close collaboration to provide industry-leading solutions and services.


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"Clients are at the heart of our business. We actively seek to work in partnership with our clients to provide investment solutions that meet their requirements."

Erich Gerth

Chief Executive Officer

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David Riley
November 24, 2022

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