Responsible investing

An active approach to responsible investing

To support our clients’ investment objectives, we:

  • Fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis into our investment process and reporting
  • Take an issues-led and stewardship approach to responsible investing, engaging directly with companies and sovereigns we invest in
  • Apply an active thematic approach to impact investing


We believe our approach is unique:

Engagement: Analysts log engagement with underlying investments on our proprietary research tool. Analysts lead engagement in all issuer interactions, including ESG.
Screens: We have a number of sector and external screens; particularly with respect to ESG specific strategies.
Strategy tilt: In credit, our focus is on left tail risk and avoiding defaults, which means we focus on downside risk
Investment materiality: Our ESG checklists are very granular on E, S and G factors and the information contained builds on quantitative data from external sources as well as input based on our own qualitative assessments
Regular review: All credits are formally reviewed at least once a year by analysts and typically much more often (around quarterly earnings). When credit reviews are taking place, ESG factors are fully incorporated into this analysis. Formal ESG checklists are reviewed in detail every two years, or if the investment return proposition has materially shifted
Climate change: We are reviewing all credits in terms of their ‘E’ factor. We are also producing carbon footing for all investments and all portfolios within our proprietary portfolio investment platform
Sustainability: As part of ESG analysis, sustainability is measured as an investment consideration

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