BlueBay Total Return Diversified Credit Fund

Key documents


    The Fund aims to achieve a total return from higher-yielding fixed income asset classes through active asset allocation, security selection and capital preservation techniques


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    Investment approach

    • The BlueBay Total Return Diversified Credit Fund comprises our best ideas across the global high yield, loans, structured credit, convertible bonds, cocos, and the emerging markets

    • Our objective is to hold 200-250 positions in total, which we believe is the right balance between focus and diversification

    • This strategy is not a fund-of-funds, and holds the underlying securities directly

    Market opportunity

    Based on the top down investment philosophy of the Multi-Asset Decision Group, we actively allocate assets between credit asset classes to maximise returns
    BlueBay has a successful track record in multi-asset credit investing, using an array of tools for capital preservation to minimise drawdown, such as holding more conservative securities, a greater allocation to cash or using derivatives to reduce (hedge) portfolio risks