BlueBay Leveraged Finance Total Return Fund

Key documents


    The Fund's objective is to achieve returns of cash plus 4-5% on an annual basis, primarily by investing in senior secured loans and corporate debt of companies that are rated below investment grade.

    Sustainability-related disclosure

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    Investment approach

    • Operating with a flexible approach, the fund seeks to dynamically allocate across regions and products, with the aim to seek the best risk-adjusted returns available

    • Should conditions and return opportunities prevail, the fund has the ability to allocate to both investment-grade corporate and structured credit assets (maximum of 25%), in addition to high yield bonds and leveraged loans

    • Additionally, there is a 10% cap on emerging market exposure and 20% cap on exposure to CCC rated & below credits

    Market opportunity

    The Fund has a flexible investment remit, whose nature allows us to express high-conviction views on credit opportunities in global leveraged finance markets