BlueBay Global Sovereign Opportunities Fund

Key documents


    The BlueBay Global Sovereign Opportunities Fund is designed to sovereign issuers, rates and currencies across global markets (including emerging markets), combined with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

    Sustainability-related disclosure

    The BlueBay Global Sovereign Opportunities Fund (the Fund) is a discretionary global macro active strategy investing in interest rates, currencies and sovereign credit across global markets (including Emerging Market Countries).

    This Fund has no benchmark.

    Due to the extensive use of derivatives including, but not limited to, the use of short term interest rate contracts, the BlueBay Global Sovereign Opportunities Fund is only suitable for Financially Sophisticated Investors who can bear the economic risk of the loss of their investment in the fund.

    Financially Sophisticated Investor for this purpose means an investor who:

    1. has knowledge of, and investment experience in, financial markets generally and financial products which invest in securities and/or derivatives with complex features; and
    2. understands and can evaluate the strategy, characteristics and risks of the strategy in order to make an informed investment decision


    This is a marketing communication. There are several risks associated with investing in this product. Please refer to the prospectus of the fund and to the KIID available on this website before making any final investment decisions.

    Investment approach

    • Top-down macro thematic conviction is based on deep fundamental country-level research and proprietary on-the-ground policy analysis

    • Individual risk exposures are based on well researched medium-term structural investment decisions. Investment Strategy does not rely on short term tactical or technical trading

    • Holding periods for positions vary depending on the specific characteristics of the opportunity, but will typically range between one week and several months

    • All investment decisions considered for inclusion in the portfolio are logged in the team’s Alpha Decision Tool with a conviction rating score ranging from +3 to -3

    Market opportunity

    BlueBay Asset Management adopts a team-based approach, with comprehensive involvement of specialists in idea generation, investment decision making and portfolio/risk construction
    Portfolio construction is led by Russel Matthews, supported by Mark Dowding (BlueBay's Chief Investment Officer) within a disciplined risk management framework that emphasises liquidity and downside risk mitigation
    Russel Matthews 350 x 290.jpg.jpg

    Russel Matthews

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Macro

    Russel is the lead portfolio manager for RBC BlueBay’s global macro strategy.  He joined RBC BlueBay in September 2010 as a Portfolio Manager responsible for the firm’s European government and aggregate bond portfolios.  Prior to RBC BlueBay, Russel worked at Invesco Asset Management from 2000 to 2010, where he was responsible for managing multi-currency global fixed income portfolios for retail and institutional clients.  He was also Co-Head of Global Alpha (ex US).  Prior to joining Invesco, Russel worked at Citigroup Asset Management.  Russel was born and raised in Zimbabwe, he attended University in South Africa where he earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the University of Cape Town in 1996 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Journalism from Rhodes University in 1995.

    Mark Dowding 350 x 290.jpg

    Mark Dowding

    Chief Investment Officer, RBC BlueBay Asset Management

    Mark is RBC BlueBay's Chief Investment Officer. He has over 26 years' investment experience as a macro fixed income investor and has been a senior portfolio manager at RBC BlueBay since he joined in August 2010. As a macro risk taker, Mark actively pursues an open dialogue with policy makers and opinion formers, believing that proprietary research is key to gaining insights in order to generate strong investment returns. Prior to joining RBC BlueBay, Mark was Head of Fixed Income in Europe for Deutsche Asset Management, a role he previously occupied at Invesco. He started his career as a fixed income portfolio manager at Morgan Grenfell in 1993 and holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the University of Warwick.