BlueBay Financial Capital Bond Fund

Key documents


    The BlueBay Financial Capital Bond Fund is designed to invest in subordinated debt securities issued by financial institutions, combined with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

    Sustainability-related disclosure

    The Fund does not reference any benchmark.

    Due to the complexity of the loss absorbing mechanisms and the absence of harmonized terms from issuer to issuer and from issue to issue of Contingent Convertibles, the BlueBay Financial Capital Bond Fund is only suitable for Financially Sophisticated Investors who can bear the economic risk of the loss of their investment in the fund.

    Financially Sophisticated Investor for this purpose means an investor who:

    1. has knowledge of, and investment experience in, financial markets generally and financial products which invest in securities and/or derivatives with complex features; and
    2. understands and can evaluate the strategy, characteristics and risks of the strategy in order to make an informed investment decision
      Investors must not rely on the LuxFLAG Label with regard to investor protection issues and LuxFLAG cannot incur any liability related to financial performance of the BlueBay Financial Capital Bond Fund.
    The LuxFLAG ESG Label is valid for the period ending on 31 March 2023.


    This is a marketing communication. There are several risks associated with investing in this product. Please refer to the prospectus of the fund and to the KIID available on this website before making any final investment decisions.

    Investment approach

    • Security selection is key to performance and capital preservation focus is essential

    • Research seeks to integrate macro, regulatory and political research with more traditional balance sheet analysis

    • Disciplined risk management at every stage of investment process

    Market opportunity

    The asset class presents a structural investment opportunity that will continue to play out over the next several years
    BlueBay adopts a team-based approach, with comprehensive involvement of specialists in idea generation, investment decision making and portfolio/risk construction
    Portfolio construction is led by Marc Stacey and James Macdonald within a disciplined risk management framework that emphasises liquidity and downside risk mitigation
    Marc Stacey 350 x 290.jpg

    Marc Stacey

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Grade

    Marc is a Senior Portfolio Manager within the Investment Grade team focusing on non-sovereign debt and specialising in financials. Marc started at RBC BlueBay in June 2004 as an operations analyst before joining the Investment Grade Debt Team in March 2006 as a trader. He moved to his current role in January 2011. As a lead portfolio manager, Marc has been instrumental in driving the success of the European IG credit strategies as well as the peer-leading performance of the Financial Capital Bond Fund. Prior to RBC BlueBay, Marc spent two years at CSFB focussing on credit derivatives. He holds a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) in Economics and Finance from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

    James Macdonald 350 x 290.jpg

    James Macdonald

    Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Grade & Leveraged Finance

    James joined RBC BlueBay in September 2007 as a financials analyst within the Investment Grade team. His experience and knowledge of the European banking sector has been widely utilised within the firm by both the Investment Grade and High Yield teams at RBC BlueBay. He was instrumental in the successful launch of the RBC BlueBay Financial Capital Bond Fund in January 2015 and has made a significant contribution to its peer group-leading performance since inception. Prior to RBC BlueBay, James spent three years with PricewaterhouseCoopers as an assurance and advisory executive covering financial institutions. He is a qualified chartered accountant and holds an MA (Hons) degree from the University of Edinburgh. James is a CFA charterholder.

    Note: James is counted in both the Investment Grade and Global Leveraged Finance groups.

    Justin Jewell 350 x 290.jpg

    Justin Jewell

    Partner, Head of European High Yield, Leveraged Finance

    Justin is a Partner and Head of European High Yield within RBC BlueBay’s Global Leveraged Finance Group. Justin joined RBC BlueBay in 2009 as Head of High Yield Trading before moving into portfolio management in early 2012. He started his career at UBS in 2002 and was last Director of High Yield and Distressed trading in Europe. Justin holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.